Without music,life would be a mistake

Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances

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As you read this post, you might be listening to your favorite playlist through your useful noise-cancelling headset. Heck, I have Kendrick Lamar playing in the background as I write.

Music plays a more important role in our life than just being a source of entertainment.Music is considered one of the worlds most popular cultural activity.Its been with us since we were kids,creating a beautiful melody with a smile on our face.

Lets have a look on few aspects how music affects your entire life.

Music makes us creative

Music is the key to creativity. It helps you in improving your mind vigorously by making it more artistic and ingenious. No matter, what the great invention is, it requires art, creativity and imagination that is fulfilled by Music.

It enhances our comprehensive ability in terms of the message it conveys. When you hear a song, you try to understand its lyrics and try to make out what the singer is saying through his song.

Music makes learning more pleasant

Music is an extremely unique way to develop the capability of memorising. The best example to prove this sentence is, that you can easily learn songs rather than learning your syllabus. The reason behind learning a song quickly is that your mind enjoys music.

Whatever your minds enjoy, it preserves it. Thus, music is said to be a good option to learn new things quickly. This is the only reason why you remember your favorite poems and songs throughout your life. These days, even the schools realize the importance of music, hence they are enhancing the methods of teaching by making it interesting with the help of music.

Music makes you express your emotion

When you play some instrument, then you usually play the music that reflects our thoughts or our emotions. This way your brain convey the thoughts with the medium of music, without speaking a word. When we try to understand the music,it makes our mind more creative.


Whatever I’m going through in life there is a song that fits too well. Lyrics hit home like the song was written just for me and my situation. And then there’s music that makes you feel good, makes you wanna dance, and makes you wanna run or pumps you up to workout. I listen to everything and don’t judge anyone on what they listen to. You like trap music, that’s cool, I can vibe with that. You like gangsta rap, that’s cool too. You like Lil Wayne, that’s cool—I think you have horrible taste in music, but that’s still cool.

No matter what your situation is, there is definitely a song out there that’ll help you get through it. All you gotta do is just open up your music app and find a playlist that fits you