When dreams do come true

Speak your dreams out loud,it is the only way to challenge yourself and get them done.

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We get to live this life only once. The fact that most of us spend a lot of time stressing about things that don’t matter, or that some of us survive life feeling like it’s more of a burden. Uninspired and unmoved.

That we live life without truly doing what makes us happy.

I believe if we could all take more risks and keep striving to achieve what others consider fantasies or dreams (which ultimately is the hardest path but with the best rewards) we would all be happier. Because the only thing impossible in this world is just the word impossible.

We have infinite possibilities yet we restrict ourselves and it bothers me. Why would anyone settle for mediocrity !

I am constantly haunted by the quote, “most of us go to our graves with our music still inside of us”. It worries me because I feel like I have a lot to accomplish before I go and I would like to make sure when I do go. I’ve checked off everything off of my to do list.

However my own fears sometimes get the best of me and it takes me longer than I should to do what I want and need to do 2019 has got to be the year that I got to live out dreams I knew would happen but I didn’t think would happen so soon.

Although most of them happened before I was ready…….They happened and made me realise that although life seems uncertain.

There are certain things you know deep deep down are written in the stars for you and only you, doesn’t matter how hard you ignore them or try to change them . You have to accept that nothing new happens under the sun. You are living your life based on a book that was already written and the only power you have is the power to make that ending one that makes you proud.

Sometimes life is hard but you need to learn so that you can later laugh and love. Never stop dreaming because as impossible as it is to believe that dreams do come true. Imagine what it would feel like to see yourself on the other side living a dream you thought would only be just a dream.

You are like a ray of sunshine so shine bright.