Healing from Anxiety

At the end of the day, all we have left is who we are.

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Anxiety like all other mental illness changes your personality or makes you a different person than you are.

Internally there usually is so much happening to the person but in order for you to be okay and happy you need to make sure you are healed for your sake and those you interact with. But for the healing process to begin you need to identify the root of the problem or the cause to your anxiety.

Although there are ways to fight anxiety there is no certain way of healing it. It is a personal journey that is specific to each individual.

Since it is basically impossible to heal from something you don’t understand,

This is how to explain anxiety to someone who has never experienced it.

It is the lack of peace of mind or a feeling of a million thoughts running through your head in a state of confusion while screaming at you for attention all at once. They cannot explain what is causing this jumbled thoughts since they are always looming around in their head. The mind is always overthinking and the heart doesn’t seem to stop beating fast for an unexplainable reason.

It gets you thinking differently and in a more negative perspective than a positive one, since there is a feeling of unknown fear and chaos in your mind/head that never seems to stop, but doesn’t seem to have a specific origin of what might be causing it. Instead of your mind being an ocean of calmness like how a normal person is, they experience anxiety attacks which is the main symptom of a person with anxiety.

The biggest problem about people suffering from anxiety is that it all seems and feels normal to be anxious, since that is majorly what they have known and felt since a young age. This makes it difficult to heal when in the first place they didn’t know they were suffering.

It is not until they experience a sense of calmness and peace of mind for first time, then they realize a certain burden has been lifted from the heart and mind, that they don’t have to feel worried all the time or be in fear of the outside world itself.

It is then that they realize they don’t have to think in that negative way and slowly by slowly this feeling of anxiety fades away and a new perspective to life is born. And new energy, mostly positive energy is developed.

This is how the journey to healing yourself slowly begins and one day at a time you will conquer it with positive vibrations.

The word anxiety gets thrown around a lot in day-to-day conversation, and I think the casual use of the word undermines how truly crippling anxiety can be. Anxiety can be debilitating, but it will get better. Distraction and rationalization are two of the most effective methods for coping with anxiety. If you’re feeling anxious, try one of these 14 ways to deal with anxiety in the moment so you can feel calm and worry less.

Any victim of anxiety needs to realize that there is a different way of thinking about the world and everything in it by seeing the more positive side of things. Changing one’s perspective on life by changing their way of thinking, takes their mind off of disturbing thoughts. Instead of retreating to deep thoughts that are usually negative, thinking differently helps a person be more optimistic and see life from a different perspective.

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Learn not to be so hard to yourself all the time. Because sometimes we don’t get to know the origin of the anxiety, it could be a childhood trauma or an incident that affected the brain in the past.

So show yourself so much more love than you think you deserve, for you actually do deserve it and everything good that the world has to offer. Because it is your world too just like it is everyone else’s and don’t we all deserve to feel happy and at peace.

You deserve to be loved. Especially by your own self, there's no advantage to constantly beating yourself up inside.

Within you there is a sanctuary to which you can retreat to at anytime and be your true self and find your calmness. So find this sanctuary that lives inside you and use it as a shield against your anxiety. Use it to calm your brain when you start overthinking, use it to find peace that lives within you in order to relax both your mind and body. Therefore when you start feeling anxious try calming your brain and relaxing your body by repeating positive affirmations like;

I am in control, I am worthy, everything is going to be okay, I will get through this.

In order to avoid or reduce the overwhelming thoughts that attempt to overtake your train of thoughts there are other ways to achieve this through; dance therapy, exercising more oftenly, taking long walks that help clear your mind, engage your mind by reading motivational books and novels, watching some of your favorite shows helps lighten the thoughts you have, avoid being alone for long periods of time to avoid retreating back to your thoughts as is the habit with most victims,open up about your thoughts and feelings to your closest or best friends which helps reduce the burden. Most of all worry less about things that are out of your control.

All this are easy ways of choosing for your mind what energy to focus on and the kind of vibe that you wish your mind to flow with. Basically you have the power to control your mind, although it might be difficult especially if you have anxiety, but you have to try in order to have a chance of fighting and healing. Be the author of your own story, do not let it win.

All in all we are all human struggling with our own demons, some might be physical but some are hidden inside us, so just take it easy on yourself and be patient with yourself.

Show yourself more compassion for no one is born perfect.