Good Food,Good Mood.

Food is happiness.

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Today lets talk about the one thing that brings joy to the hearts of every living thing, food. I mean even trees enjoy a sip of water on a very hot day, right?

We all know that happy feeling we get when food is set on the dinning table or when we were kids and mom would yell “food is ready” that nostalgic feeling of wanting to dance as you walk to get your food is genuine happiness.

To be honest nobody likes to feel hungry, and most of us get grumpy and moodless when there is nothing in our stomachs or atleast i do. But we also can’t ignore the fact that so many billions of people go without food daily. Especially in this tough times we are in right now, what used to be a normal meal for most people is rarely available to some, no thanks to Covid-19. But even before the pandemic, hunger has been a daily struggle all over the world and even the multiple governments with the help of the UN still find it hard to curb this ‘disease’ that roams our streets daily.

All in all we still have amaizing, talented chefs from all over the world that have mastered the art of making delicious meals and we appreciate them for that. This brings us back to our topic of good food. What is good food you ask. This is your favourite meals, whatever brings you joy when you think about eating it in the middle of a hard maths lesson, or in church when the pastor is preaching and your stomach is rumbling then you imagine the chicken you are about to eat when you get home, which is my favorite, that is good food.

Now let me tell you the secrets of making good food, for you don’t have to be a chef in order to make delicious meals at home.

This might sound corny but believe me, food tastes different and better when you are cooking for people you love or when you feel you love cooking or it is the meal you’re cooking that you love. Sometimes in the kitchen you’re in such a good mood that you dance around while you cook or sing along to songs on the radio or you have your family helping you cook, all this is love and it shows in the taste of the food.

As you add different ingredients the taste of the food changes, so it is advisable to taste the food while it is still cooking. This helps incase you added too much of an ingredient you will notice and correct it or if you didn’t put enough spice as you would have liked to. It also helps to know if the food is coming along the way you want to taste. Tasting helps the final product meet the expectation.

A meal cooked with fresh vegetables or any other fresh ingredients tastes better compared to when you cook with canned goods or other produces that are not fresh. This is because fresh produce have that organic taste to them while canned goods have lost that organic taste that makes food more delicious. Therefore it should be from the farm to the table.

Unless you have an illness that prevents use of spice in food, don’t be afraid to add spice. Spices in food add life to the food. Food will taste bland if you just used oil and salt only but when you add spices you give the food a kick that makes it more delicious. So find out what spices work good for you and add them whenever you cook. If it is chilli you like, add ton of it. Trust me you will see a big change.

Multi-tasking while you cook is what causes most food to burn or over cook because you can’t keep your eyes on everything all at once. Therefore when you have the ingredients ready as you start cooking it saves you from having to run around the kitchen like a mad man or woman looking for this or that, and it prevents you from forgetting some of the ingredients you might have wanted to add to the meal. All in all this helps the cooking process seem less hectic especially if you are not a fan of the kitchen.

So many times we have seen someone or us ourselves add sugar instead of salt to food or when baking cakes you add salt instead of sugar and the whole meal is ruined. Knowing your spices well helps avoid this silly mistakes that make you start all over again in your cooking. This also helps in measuring the amount of spice to use in order not to use excess or less of an ingredient.

In conclusion delicious food leads to healthy eating habits which in return lead to a healthy world, which is what we are striving for.